and some type of mixed-use development in place of the Corvallis Auction Yard…and yet it still stands: unused, grass overgrown, waiting for something. We also have limited recreational facilities in South Corvallis compared to the rest of the city, shared spaces or some of the franchise comforts where we do seek elsewhere in town. 

CIVIC BEAUTIFICATION & ENHANCEMENT OF PUBLIC SPACES: There is a strong demand for more green space in South Corvallis, as well as connectivity to the rest of the city via another solid bike path, and perhaps other alternatives- especially in times of crisis or emergency. There is a strong push for de-emphasis of Hwy 99; emboldening the motivation that we are a community, not just a major thruway.

How will you Dedicate yourself to the Needs of South Corvallis & Ward 3?                   

WORKING RELATIONSHIPS WITH EXISTING BUSINESSES:​ H&V is our largest business in the community, and all though H&V’s property lines do not fall within Ward 3 boundaries, the effects of their business perpetuate throughout all of South Corvallis. It is imperative that as a community we continue to maintain a working relationship with H&V, rather than a relationship that is retaliative or destructive. We need to be open to being solution-oriented, rather than disoriented.

DEVELOPMENT & RESOURCES COMMUNITY/COMMERICAL/HOUSING: Resources, resources, resources. There is no question that South Corvallis is limited when it comes to resources that the rest of the city has within a feasible radius. Since 1996’s South Corvallis Area Refinement Plan (click here to view Plan) we have sat in a 20 year wait for a town center, a full-service grocery store (we all love the CO-OP, but it is the only option in our im  

FOSTERING WARD RELATIONS:​ An open-door for ward/community to express their concerns, educating ward/community on how to be part of city process and promoted awareness of city news, events, & resources. I intend to regularly keep Ward 3 members informed through not only my website, social media platforms, and the Listserv; however, I plan to have a regular newsletter that I will release after each Council meeting, that will provide an update of current city events and decisions, forecasted after Work Sessions. I also intend to have regular Ward meetings, and using the apportioned one city-staffed ward meeting (per Council term) if I am elected. My intent is to have the meeting early on, because the full resource of city staff: The Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney, City Recorder, staff members, Council Leadership can be significant in mapping the needs and priorities of South Corvallis. 

​        As a resident of South Corvallis, promoting community sustainability and vibrancy of our unique culture South of the city is priority to me. I have been immersing myself in learning as much as I can about what the community wants in regards to an overall vision for South Corvallis; what our needs are and what areas of focus have been lacking emphasis for quite some time. During my campaign I have made it my mission to seek out the issues important to South Corvallis in order to know what is important for the community and how we can go about setting and achieving goals to sustain our part of the city’s vitality and self-sufficiency. During my campaign I have made it not only my goal, but a priority to attend any meetings and events that affect South Corvallis. I attend several advisory boards that deal with city-wide matters, in order to better understand how South Corvallis can fit in the big picture. I have also more recently become a part of the South Corvallis Steering Committee, which with amazing leadership of community partners and members have refined data from the Imagine Corvallis 2040 Vision Statements, and developed our own South Corvallis specific opportunity statements, which are planned to be brought to City Council, once they feedback from the community and committee is polished into the final stages.                                                                                                     I also intend to have Regular Ward Meetings to keep the community connected to government planning and process; I am allowed one full city-staffed meeting, with council leadership, the mayor and city manager (to name a few), which if I am elected I intend to hold towards the beginning of my term to get the community's input on the table. I also will distribute a newsletter, updated bi-weekly: after City Council Meetings and Work Sessions in order to keep the community connected in real-time to the current issues. I will be available to meet with ward members and the community at my earliest convenience. I will also continually provide a resource list of numbers and websites with my newsletter to promote awareness of available resources in our city. 
      I have connected with our current Ward 3 Councilor Zach, many of the other Councilors, as well as several community partners including: the City of Corvallis, Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services (W-NHS), Corvallis Police Department, Corvallis Clean Air members, Corvallis Housing First, Corvallis Outreach, Oregon State University, and many others in order to be well-versed and informed in all the prospective needs and issues that we face in the future of South Corvallis. I have also been honored with the wisdom and passion of a plethora of community members who are extremely versed in topics and matters specific to South Corvallis, as well to the city as a whole. 

I will continue to work alongside community members/partners to encourage/inspire:

​​What do you see as Corvallis's Primary Needs & Goals                                

      I am certain that strengthening the connective tissue between city-government and community is integral as we assess and prepare for future changes in Corvallis.  As citizens of such a unique city, we have a reasonable expectation of safety and wellbeing in our communities. We also have an additional expectation to possess general awareness of potential issues which could affect our sense of safety and wellbeing. In short, citizens want to feel confident about the momentum that is present at both the community and government level in order to prepare for/address issues when needed. As the prospective Ward 3 Councilor, I intend to dedicate myself to both: promoting the connection between city-government and the community and maintaining the momentum to address the issues that matter to the community and city as a whole.
      Corvallis, along with almost every other city, will face inevitable change in the next two decades alone: social, climate, ecological, technological, and so forth. Thus, I believe that continuing effective prioritization of the city’s responsibilities in a manner that focuses on mitigation of issues over emergence is crucial. Why wait for an issue to become a problem and why wait to work on a solution after it has become a problem? Unconscious procrastination can be a goal-killer, which is why I fully intend to dedicate myself to being continually educated and well-versed in priority topics in order to be current and prepared before issues can become systemic.
  The following are areas I believe are priority in regards to major needs and goal structuring for Corvallis and those of which I intend to fully dedicate myself to staying current in and devoted to:
 Health & Public Safety

  • Access to resources which promote physical-mental-emotional wellbeing; these are key to every community’s sustainment and enrichment.
  • Stronger emphasis towards Community Policing; which has had disconnect within the past decade. Reinforcement of the community’s trust in our Police is crucial especially with the current issues addressing nationwide law enforcement. Stronger emphasis on Neighborhood Associations to enhance Community Policing efforts other innovations in engaging the community with law enforcement.
  • Fire departments & emergency-preparedness protocols for earthquake/flood planning; these are imperative functions that should be effectively in place, as crises and disasters can strike at any time. What happens when we face significant flooding? South Corvallis is cut off from the rest of the city and it can take up to 5 hours to get to the main part of town for resources[1] FEMA has stated that in the event of a 9+ earthquake, it would take up to 3 months realistically for them to come to our area.[2]

Community Quality

  • Promotion of community connectivity and engagement; Corvallis is rich in its own unique culture and preservation and promotion of that is what sets our community apart from many others. 
  • Focus on parks/natural resources; urban greenspaces which enhance community connection.
  • Buildable lands; efficiently addressing land development concerns that affect not only the city as a whole, but the smaller communities and wards which are most influenced.
  • Sustainable budget; prioritization and efficient planning regarding appropriation of funds. 

Educational Prosperity

  • Collaboration with 509J School-District; Oregon graduation rates are not remarkable against the national average, however, in recent years Corvallis has made it a key focus and rates have gone up substantially. The focus needs to remain and continue through support of the voting community, such as the Corvallis Public Schools Local Option Levy Ballot Measure 2-104.
  • Collaboration with OSU & LBCC in providing student prosperity and coalescence with the rest of the community.

Housing & Economic Vitality

  • Addressing revolving issues in Corvallis’s complicated housing market due to population influx, student housing, and the lack of High Density Residential housing needs (which does not mean high-rise apartment buildings or other stereotypical definitions of HDR). The average population growth rate for Corvallis is 1.5%[3] each year. In facing this reality, there is a need for more homes, for all resident types.
  • Focusing on continued economic vitality and small business enterprise.
  • Being proactive towards issues regarding homelessness in Corvallis.

Ecological Focus

  • Climate concerns and the impact of climate change on our region and specifically how this affects our locale;
  • Pollution mitigation: addressing pollution in both Corvallis’s air and waterways before it becomes not only hazardous to health, but detrimental to our community’s physicality;
  • Alternative-energy sources & transportation; how can Corvallis’s carbon footprint be reduced? What innovations can be made to address CFP reduction.
  • Environmental initiatives and conservationism; gearing focus on new ideas and maintenance of evidence-based practices which promote “green-minded” mentality.​


[1] There is no connection over the river when S. Corvallis floods, forcing traffic to backup all the way to Junction City area, to get over the river and take Peoria Rd. into Corvallis.

[2]This is a statement from the “Cascadia Rising Exercise” per the assumption that the natural gas pipeline that runs from Canada to Mexico along I-5 would be ruptured in such event and FEMA will not come to the area if they cannot have means to “leave the area safely.”

[3] Portland State University per the Urbanization Study

LOCAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE: We are awaiting the opening of “Tried & True Coffee” at the old Jiffy-Lube, we also sharing the pride and joy of Block’s Taproom addition at the old DMV building; however, keeping the momentum of encouraging business enterprise is important to all South Corvallians. Local Business feeds right into the resource development and sustainment we are striving for as a community. Not only does enterprise add to our sense of community connectiveness and pride, it enhances the unique appeal that is South Corvallis culture.

MIXED USE NIEGHBORHOODS-MODIFICATION OF LAND USE CODE CHAPTER SUBCLAUSES: In order to allow for neighborhoods to have food and drink establishments, repair or minor sales operations, food carts, etc. (click here for link to Corvallis Land Development Code) There are many advocates for South Corvallis taking the lead within the city on innovating neighborhoods, in order to enhance community function and culture. 

maintain a strong connectivity with the community, be open to innovation and new ideas, and be able to work together with open-mindedness and integrity. As a prospective member of the future Council, I am determined to bring all of these motivations to the position.
     True leadership is two-fold: it is leading by example, but the more significant part of its meaning that is often forgotten is: the synchronous collaboration to apply and promote the best interests for all. As the great cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead reminds: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” When I think of Margaret’s words, I think of the “small group of thoughtful committed citizens” being dichotomous; there is the Council itself and there are the members of the community, to which the Council connects with. The collaborative dynamics that occur between the Council, the community and the community and Council provokes the power to change things. With this as a guiding mentality; the reminder that leadership is not always a sole process, but one of collective effort: I intend to not only bring a strong sense of that initiative to my prospective Ward 3 Council seat, but the inspiration to my ward and community to commit to the processes involved. Thank you.



Corvallis City Councilor Ward 3



​​What type of Leadership do you intend to bring to the Council?                    
     As Corvallis moves into the 2017-18 Council Session our city will face challenges that are unique to our times. With social progression, climate change, ecological concerns and technology, several of our community’s institutions will continue to be affected; and prioritizing is integral to how we manage emergent issues. I am a firm believer in addressing matters before they become substantial; I believe that there are several considerations that need to be taken in regards to current issues in order to stay ahead and surmount potential problems. The ability to assess and prepare for change (the inevitable force it is) with intention and priority is a constant practice which I have skilled and refined throughout my life. As both a Criminal Justice and Mental Health Practitioner I possess a well-rounded background in Social Sciences which demonstrates a unique range of leadership skills which can both compliment and provide innovative perspective to the 2017-18 City Council.
Through two graduate programs, an array of research positions, three business management positions, working as part of the Crime Victim program through Polk County District Attorney’s Office and two clinical mental health counseling residencies; I have been able to put much of my academia and experience into practical application. Despite academic and professional accolades, I also believe that my representing demographic: a native Corvallian, dedicated-woman in her 30s, emboldens the brand of leadership I can bring to the Council table. It is my belief that the indications of a strong Council reside in its ability to effectively stay in front of issues through research and evidence-based practice,