Corvallis City Councilor Ward 3




The South Corvallis Community Initiative was formed in 2016, in order to bring together residents of South Corvallis to focus on our needs as a community. The overall efforts is to create a shared vision for the South Corvallis of the present and future.  Led by Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services (WNHS), our initiative is now creating tangible action items that will be brought before City Council over the next year.

Main themes regarding action items include:

  • Access to food and basic services; South Corvallis is a community that is limited in these. 
  • Diverse Housing Opportunities; South Corvallis is now upwards of 7,000 residents and also has the most buildable lands in the City. 
  • Connecting us to the rest of Corvallis, everyday and in the event of natural disasters; the connections to the greater part of the city are really limited, and not the safest either. In the event of flooding, South Corvallis is literally disconnected from the rest of the city; it can take upwards of 5 hours to just get to downtown during a flood. 
  • Safe, pleasant routes for pedestrian and bike traffic; one of the largest themes is to de-emphasis HWY 99, developing alternative routes that do not require the busy (and not always safe) highway for multi-modal transportation.
  • Places and programs that connect us socially; South Corvallis is lacking of "third-places", those in which residents can meet together, be recreational and supportive of one another. The recent opening of Tried & True has demonstrated how hungry South Corvallis is for third-places. 
  • Managing industrial uses adjacent to residential neighborhoods and the Willamette River Greenway; one example is the need for future collaboration with H&V in order to promote a healthy, mutual relationship as we go into the future. 
  • Self-reliance and resiliency; South Corvallis is intrinsically an agricultural hub for all of Corvallis. We have a plethora of native farmlands and open spaces that can provide us with a sense of self reliance as a community. 

The core elements for our shared vision of South Corvallis include emphasis upon: Health, Equity, Access, Resiliency and Transportation. The initiative has created opportunity statements that are all a reflection of the community's values and needs. These opportunity statements are derived from the Imagine Corvallis 2040 survey results from South Corvallis; which have been expanded upon, distilled and constantly reflected by South Corvallis residents. Keeping with the City's visioning progress and theme, the initiative has led to both creativity and innovation for our community.  

​Currently the initiative meets twice per month, and there are small work groups that are devoted to specific projects. Please check back for the meeting schedule, currently the next meeting is scheduled in March.