Corvallis City Councilor Ward 3




     I am a 32 year old, proud Corvallis Native who has spent my life preparing myself for a career path which inspires social change and enrichens society; despite the size of the ripple. Being a community leader is something I have aspired to for as long as I can remember, and my education and professional experience have prepared me for the inevitable challenges which comes with it! I hold a Master's in Criminal Justice; a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Legal Studies/Pre-Law (both from Western Oregon University); Two Associate degrees: A.A.S. in Criminal Justice & A.A.O.T (both from Linn Benton); and prior to a life-changing, disabling car-accident, I was ¾ finished with my second graduate degree: Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling, with two completed clinical residencies (Walden University).                                                                                                                                                        ​In stride with my academic accolades, I have always worked in a full-time capacity since I was a freshmen at Corvallis High School; my more notable positions have been: General Manager at Pizza Pipeline; Research Assistant at the Teaching Research Institute; Crime Victim Advocate for Polk County District Attorney’s Office; Member on Victim Advocate Leaders for Opportunities and Rights; Office Manager for Lytle Painting, LLC; Research Assistant to the Graduate Director of Western Oregon (where I authored the Graduate Thesis/Professional Project Manuals); Mental Health Counseling Clinical Resident; and my most recent job before my car accident I was a Store Manager for Starbucks. I have been accustomed to the duality of academia and an eclectic work life where attention to detail, keen organization and micromanagement are essential, especially when I tend to set my personal aspiration bar towards “excellence.” However, living with physical disability has allowed for me to put “full-plate living” on hold and reexamine my life’s direction. I have been able to apply more of myself to: my family (both stateside and my father’s side which lives overseas); my husband, my nieces and nephews; friends; travel; nature (within physical limits); football (OSU, LSU & New Orleans Saints); cooking; and of course, research: I love to feed my brain, everything from staying current with the Supreme Court and Constitutional Law to the climate our Criminal Justice System, our community’s key concerns, reusable energy and living green, and even Gordon Ramsay’s latest tips on cooking the perfect filet mignon. I have been considering a public position in my community for quite some time, and I have taken the role of City Council to heart!

     I believe that there are issues of all sizes; however, no matter the size of the issue, each affect the community in one way or another. I believe as Corvallis moves into the future, keeping focus towards Housing (including addressing homelessness) and Environmental Initiatives are key to the progression of our wonderful City.  Another issue in light of recent adverse events is nationwide law enforcement: how would our local law enforcement handle crises like the ones that are mounting in cities nationwide? I feel that promoting awareness through not only our Ward, but our community as a whole, to being more informed of our local law enforcement’s processes and practices is integral to building a stronger relationship built on knowledge and valuable trust in our City’s gatekeepers. Moving towards the latter of the second decade of the millenium also brings with it concerns of climate, as well as emergency preparedness. I have a lot of spent time in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, and seen the aftermath of natural disaster and what it does to sense of community. What are the current plans in place in Corvallis? In each Ward? We may not be affluent to hurricanes in the Pacific Northwest; but flooding and earthquakes are not strangers.                                        ​                                                   Above all, my primary platform apart from political interest, is to incite more overall general awareness of the role of City Council in Ward 3. I want to promote how community members can be more connected and involved to Council process: if they have issues that they wish to voice, I will ensure to do everything I can to help represent and/or resonate their voice.
    Thank you everyone for your time! Again, I welcome the invitation for emails, coffee, lunch and any questions! I am more than happy to address any key concerns you may regarding myself, Ward 3, or Corvallis in general moving into the next Council session. You can also feel free to visit me on Twitter and Facebook, or give me a call @ 541-760-6274
                                                                                                                                                 Sincerest Regards,
Hyatt Lytle, M.A.
 Corvallis City Councilor Ward 3



   Not only schedule-wise am I currently able to fully commit to the needs of my Ward and City Council; with the recent surfacing of nationwide-issues, I have been deeply affected in such a way that I know this is the time for me to connect more to my community. I intend to act as a liaison for Ward members to better understand and be involved in community processes and foster not only their relationship with, but trust in the City of Corvallis. There seems to be a breakdown in the connection between the community and city government; citizens feel a general lack of public awareness of current issues and events at city level. Citizens want to be informed, and I fully intend to strengthen and nurture that progression if I am honored to be elected.
     I also have a strong passion and admiration for law, justice and equity and have devoted many facets of my life to the core foundations of these. I am attracted to the ideals of our judicial system and American Jurisprudence; ideally, how the reflection of Supreme Court cases, case-law and other precedence have shaped and molded our social processes at the community level.
     I was discussing with Zach Baker, our current Ward 3 Councilor when I initially introduced myself, that this is what attracts me to City Government, and the City of Corvallis in general: the idea of 9 Wards (Like that of our 9 Supreme Court Justices), overseeing and fairly reasoning, voting, on matters important to the "peers" of our community: our community members. It may be a skewed analogy, but we get to see issues believed of importance vs. frivolity through unanimous votes, or issues of great contention in 5-4 votes, or 6-3 (being that all Council Members are present). I know there are so many differences between City Council and the judiciary, but these accommodating factors work in both realms, which honestly I feel make each branch of government so successful

"Leadership is not always a sole process, but one of collective effort: I intend to not only bring a strong sense of that initiative to my prospective Ward 3 Council seat, but the inspiration to my ward and community to commit to the processes involved"